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Math Phase 1

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Read by Nezar Alderazi

Yoto Says: An innovative set of interactive cards introducing vital math concepts; counting, adding, subtracting, shapes and more.

Math skills are fundamental to helping children understand and explore the world around them. Math Phase 1 is the first in Yoto's Math series and features 6 interactive audio cards. Through a range of interactive activities, kids from age 3+ learn essential math skills, including; number recognition, counting objects, one more/one less than a number, adding and subtracting, pattern spotting and properties of shapes.

Activities will play in a random order every time to encourage kids to return to the cards again and again to build their mathematical knowledge and give them the tools they need to develop their confidence.

This set includes six interactive audio cards, each introducing a new mathematical concept:
1. Numbers to 20
2. Counting objects
3. One More/One Less
4. Adding and subtracting
5. Patterns
6. Shapes